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Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

Grays of Warwick has been servicing air-conditioning in cars for many years, we are one of a few garages locally that can regas later model cars with the new HFO R1234yf gas.


We have the latest automotive air-conditioning equipment – the ECK TWIN Fully Automatic Air-Conditioning Dual Gas Station. If you have an aircon problem or a question about the new R1234yf gas system contact our service department on 01926 419400.



Air-Conditioning Pricing Menu


 - Carry out air conditioning system antibacterial cleanse - priced at £29.99


 - Pollen filter replacement [click here]



Car Air-Conditioning Recharge / Regas


 - R134a       regas priced at - £ 59.99 (small – family sized cars up to 500g)



 - R1234yf    regas priced at - £119.00 (small – family sized cars up to 500g)

 - R1234yf     regas priced at - £174.00 (4x4 & larger cars 501g - 1200g)


Price includes labour, oil, dye and gas as required. Price includes VAT (charged @ 20%).


R1234YF Aircon Regas Warwick
Aircon R1234YF Leamington Spa
Aircon Regas R134a & R1234yf Warwickshire
Call 01926 419400
Aircon Bacteria | Car Aircon System Cleanse
R1234YF Warwick
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