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Cambelt Replacement

…is your vehicle over 5 years old?


What is the purpose of a timing belt (cambelt)? The purpose of a timing belt is to ensure that the moving components of an engine revolve in perfect co-ordination. The belt revolves at 1000s of revolutions every minute withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses, so replacing the timing belt and tensioner/s at the scheduled intervals is essential maintenance.


When is it time to replace the timing belt? Generally timing belts need replacing every 5 years* depending on usage.


Your car’s timing belt is a fundamental component necessary in running your vehicle; if it breaks the engine will fail, potentially resulting in a costly repair bill. Is it worth the risk?


Please call us on 01926 419400 for further information regarding your vehicle or to make your booking**.


* please refer to your vehicle aftercare book/s for the manufacturer recomended times and mileage for each belt / model change. Some vehicles do not require this operation... any questions? please contact our service department on 01926 419400


** vehicles require special tooling for cambelt replacements - if we find that we are unable to carry out this work due to the tooling required we may offer to arrange this on your behalf with one of the local traders we work with (this work would be arranged with your prior permission).

What does a cambelt do?  What does a timing belt do?
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